* I am changing the web site from Swedish to English, so it is a bit of a mess.

I just got a grant from Pulicistklubben, Swedish Publishers club which allows me to go to Irkutsk, Russia to study Russian.

If anyone is interested in reportages, guides etcetera from Sibiria, Russia and maybe Mongolia feel free to contact me.



I may also go to France to do a reportage and see my family there during the year.


During 2016 I was working as a multi journalist at Dalarnas Tidningar (dt.se).

In April that year I participated at the media days in Gothenburg, 7-8th.


During 2015 I got a grant to participate in a web-TV course at Poppius Journalistsola (poppius.se & sjf.se).

I also participated in a radio journalism course during the sping, where I got myself a Zoom. During the summer I worked some weeks as a reporter at Länstidningen  Södertälje (lt.se), and during the fall I continued my freelance work as well as a photo course.


– During the year of 2014 I was travelling to/living in Paris, Deauville, Strasbourg, Lausanne in Switzerland, Le Lot in  the south of France, Gothenburg and Stockholm. If you need anything from those places I have a lot of information and photos. Interesting for guides among others. I had a travleing guide about top ten in France to visit in the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

I have also visited a donkey farm in the South of France, visited the work of a black smith, the bulding complex Tower Flower in Paris, Paris Marathon and a restaurant specialised in Scandinavian treats and Salmon. (Photos and info).

I also have a lot of information and photos from Japan, and may be going there. So if you need anything you can reach me at;


Reach me at:



Allt the Best





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