* At the moment I am changing the web site from Swedish to English, so it is a bit of a mess.

At the moment I am in Sweden and am working as a multi journalist at Dalarnas Tidningar (dt.se).

In April I participated at the media days in Gothenburg, 7-8th.

If nothing else I will spend the summer in the north of Sweden writing.


During 2015 I got a grant to participate in a web-TV course at Poppius Journalistsola (poppius.se & sjf.se).

I also participated in a radio journalism course during the sping, where I got myself a Zoom. During the summer I worked some weeks as a reporter at Länstidningen  Södertälje (lt.se), and during the fall I continued my freelance work as well as a photo course.

I spent my 2015 in Sweden.


– During the year of 2014 I was travelling to/living in Paris, Deauville, Strasbourg, Lausanne in Switzerland, Le Lot in  the south of France, Gothenburg and Stockholm. If you need anything from those places I have a lot of information and photos. Interesting for guides among others. I had a travleing guide about top ten in France to visit in the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

I have also visited a donkey farm in the South of France, visited the work of a black smith, the bulding complex Tower Flower in Paris, Paris Marathon and a restaurant specialised in Scandinavian treats and Salmon. (Photos and info).

I also have a lot of information and photos from Japan, and may be going there. So if you need anything you can reach me at;

Fastest way to reach me:  annasarahlefebvre@gmail.com


Allt the Best





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